Sharon K Kurtz – Photography awards

I am proud to showcase my achievements and recognition in photography.

A great photograph can transport viewers to different places and evoke emotions. I strive to achieve this with every click of the shutter. Each image tells a unique story and showcases my ability to capture the essence of the subject matter. Whether architectural wonders or breathtaking landscapes, I aim to create visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.

I have received two awards in the IFWTWA (International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association) Photo Contest.

Second Place in the Landscape

This recognition showcases my expertise in capturing the stunning beauty of natural landscapes, showcasing the harmony between nature and human presence. The awarded photograph exhibits my skill in capturing breathtaking sceneries and evoking emotions through my lens.

The Golden Hour on Playa Espadilla by Sharon Kurtz

I arrived at my hotel late afternoon on Costa Rica’s Western Pacific Manuel Antonio coast in February 2022. Wasting no time, I went to the gorgeous beachfront for a leisurely stroll along Playa Espadilla’s soft, golden sand.

Families were on the beach enjoying the last rays of daylight and playing in the surf when I caught this mother-daughter silhouetted against the setting sun at the golden hour, a magical time of day.

I took the image with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The golden light casts a captivating shadow, adding drama to the stunning sunset. The photo captures the essence of Costa Rica and tells a story of family time at the beach. The simplicity of the silhouetted pair holding hands infuses the image with emotion and has a sweet innocence.

I am a travel writer and use my photos in my articles. As an amateur photographer, I’m always trying to up my game and learn from others who are more experienced than I am. I travel with a Fuji Mirrorless X-S10 camera, but I often use my iPhone to capture candid shots. I strive to create images that connect with viewers and tell a story, focusing on compositions that draw the eye into each photograph.

Third Place in Architecture

 Architectural Splendor in Majestic Cairo Mosque by Sharon Kurtz

 The Mosque of Muhammad Ali is considered one of Cairo’s most prominent landmarks. Widely acclaimed for its stunning Ottoman-style design, the interior Islamic architecture provided a stunning backdrop for the image, capturing the essence of this magnificent structure, renowned for its grandeur and historical significance.

 I used a Fuji Mirrorless X-S10 to capture this image.

Thank you for visiting my Photography Awards page. If you have any inquiries or want to discuss collaboration opportunities, please get in touch with me. I look forward to sharing my passion for photography with you. Sharon