About Me

I am Sharon Kurtz.  Writer, traveler, observer, storyteller.  


I can be found in Dallas, Texas with my husband and 3 dogs when I am not on an adventure exploring our big beautiful world. We are blessed with two grown sons, and with an empty nest and my husband as part-time traveler, I sold my business a few years ago and am now living my travel dreams and writing about my experiences.


My love of travel began as a 12-year-old girl on a train journey in 1967 with my Dad to Montreal Canada for the World’s Fair. People spoke French, they ate strange and wonderful food and everything seemed very different from my small Ohio town. My world suddenly expanded; I was forever changed. When I am not on a trip, I am busy planning or researching the next trip, and my bag is always packed, ready for the next great adventure.

Travel opens me up to new experiences, cultures and people with a variety of perspectives.  There are so many stories waiting to me told, and I want to tell them.


I hope my stories, travel tips and photos that I share will inspire you to plan your own journeys.